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Humboldt at 250

Recently I have been re-reading one of the first true old-school scientists I read in my youth.  The writings of Alexander von Humboldt were pointed out to me during my first year of HS, as the then-topical scientist Carl Sagan had released his book Cosmos and the PBS 13-part documentary series “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage”. Luckily, the librarian engaged me about my interests, and with science and the writings of Carl Sagan being top on my mind, she pointed me to a dusty book also called Kosmos, but written with even more depth than Sagan’s accessible prose, though extreme in detail. ...


Harlan Ellison, RIP

a remembrance HARSH LANGUAGE AHEAD.  MAYBE. As I recall, I was a wee 12 years of age when I first read the short story ‘”Repent, Harlequin”, Said the Ticktockman’.  Having heard about the famous short story from others, and conveniently holding a collection of short sci-fi, I must have read it twice that day.  At least. Eventually, as my immersion is sci-fi fandom became deeper, I collected and consumed his paperback short story collections in my later teen years, oftentimes from Waldenbooks in Southgate Mall, and increasingly from the huckster table mazes at sci-fi conventions in SE Michigan.  Second copies of...


Ben Carson Examined: A Ludicrous Idea of History with a Smattering of Separationism

A lack of critical thinking can lead to Ben Carson becoming the Fuckublican party’s lead candidate for the most powerful elected office on the planet Beloved neurosurgeon-cum media whore Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson, Sr is — as of November 10, 2015 — pretty much the leading candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination for U.S. President.  His ideas, understandings of reality, and views on his personal superstitions’ place in our daily lives (a.k.a. his views on state/church separation) deserve a little scrutiny, as do any of his stated ideas regarding historical inquiry. Born in my own origin town of Detroit, Carson has...