Deplorable America

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  1. Quience Henson says:

    Well that was deep had a lot of personal information and stuff that I never even would have imagined

  2. L K says:

    You can stop sending me this dribble. All you are doing is making me mad. Especially this latest with an article as out-of-touch as Deplorable America. You must realize that you are painting me in a very sick and dividing light. No matter what you think of Trump, you cannot blanket his supporters like this.

    • Pearsonally says:

      [[Note: This person was on our occasional outbound email send, which you can also get yourself on by going to our Contact page]]
      NP. No problem, sir. And I simply did not “blanket his supporters like this”. I simply made an argument about the people who stormed the Capitol. Yes, I will use even freakin’ Killary’s words for the worst of the worst. If I thought equally of all Trump supporters I could not consider you a friend. But just like a pal at work who is also a Republican and Trumper, I am abso positive you nor he would have taken part in the storming of the Capitol (on Jan 6 he was in tears over what was happening, and by then had regretted his 2nd vote for Trump). I like to think I can separate those who are on the opposite side of the aisle and those who are on the opposite side of reality! No, I have nothing but respect for you, your art, and your understanding of the world — maybe not so much if you would have also supported the Jan 6 events, but I keep things open for discussion.

      I have just re-read the DA post and did not find anything specifically condemning Republicans as a blanket category alone, per se, only those who reacted with hate and vitriol which became a hallmark of the Trump arm of the Party. I have, several times in my life, myself voted Republican. But there is a difference between supporting your candidate and supporting your candidate’s lies which build up a fervor to the violence of Jan 6. And I hope you noticed a smear against HClinton.

      Yes, as you can tell I am abso pissed TFO about Jan 6. I will be super duper happy to take your name off the outbound, with respects, and thank you for your thoughts, and don’t mind if you ever post to the site, as I always welcome other POVs.

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