Here are some quick – and sometimes not so quick – quizzes.  Some questions are multiple choice, while some are true/false.

Click on the subject you want to test yourself on, and do your best.  Depending on the size of the quiz, you will have from 4 minutes to 8 minutes to complete the chosen set.

Each of the below quizzes will open in a new window.  At the end you will see your score and whether you answered a question correct or not.  Usually there will be a mini-essay with references to good related and recommended information about the subject of each question and answer.

Always go with the best available answer.

Oh, and one more thing.  These are based on the best available evidence, and acknowledge that science and reason are better arbiters of fact than fantasy and faith.  If you are easily offended, just fuck off now and save your delusions, because

I’m not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance.

– John Stewart


Pages in blue are ready for their close up. Others are in the works, so check back by the end of next year for updates, please.