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Believe it or not, yes, I am a mildly opinionated guy. And no, I will never run for elected office, but here I get to act as if I were. These are my own understandings of the world; each and every item a reflection of what I stand for and what I have fought for, most of my life. I am a person of action, so I walk the walk.

What does this mean? I loathe when people complain about political issues then tell me they don’t vote. Bitch, I have each and every one of my elected officials on speed dial, from my state senator and assemblywoman to both US senators and ole’ one eye himself, unfortunately my district’s US rep. Oh, and the school board members, though I don’t have any kids in school. Why doesn’t everyone do this? Each are listed under “EO:” for Elected Official. Please learn who your down-ticket reps are, learn their positions, vote for all down-ticket positions.


State Issues

Cannabis Legalization

Gun Rights

Home Schooling

National Issues
Global Issues

Anthropogenic Climate Change