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Deplorable America

During the 2016 Presidential campaign, it was clear that one of the candidates for president from the Republican Party was becoming a magnet for the worst of America.  At campaign rallies for failed real estate mogul-cum-reality show host Donald J. Trump, we saw rallies with flags representing breakaway states that fought to continue the chained slavery of human beings, fights and mob-style beatings of minority attendees, the development and use of coded dog whistle words, and the gathering of uncritical mobs of people willing to swallow whatever lies and disgusting hatreds their authority figure would feed them. Regarding the worst of...


‘They Are What They Say They Hate’

[this post is taken directly from, used w.o.p., because sometimes others say better all you want to say . . .basically, unfortunately,  the entire fuckublican party has – by embracing trumpism and his baggage – become a worldwide embarrassment] Trump is a triggered loser who embodies every trait conservatives spent decades decrying. by TIM MILLER NOVEMBER 17, 2020 Donald Trump is a snowflake who cares only about his feelings not the facts. He’s a pampered millennial child who can’t handle losing and wants a participation trophy. He’s a coddled, out-of-touch elite who cares more about what his media friends say about...


US and Peele

a review of Us NO SPOILERS Us (2019) is the 2nd major film from 5 season “Mad TV” comedic actor Jordan Peele.   After the maddening demise of that beloved variety show, he collaborated with (Detroit’s own) Keegan-Michael Key on the Comedy Central sketch series “Key & Peele” (2012-15).  His breakout “black horror film” Get Out (2017) is only the 2nd horror film to win the Oscar for Best Picture. Wow. He could rest on his laurels, but that just wouldn’t be the route of a talented and maybe even brilliant filmmaker in the tradition of his heroes, including Rod Serling, Alfred...