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Who Am I?

Photo c. 1994 courtesy of my dear friend Kim M.

“Who am I?”

It’s likely both the most common existential question and the most common 3-word phrase in the English language.

And also one of the most difficult to answer with anything approaching precision.

The simplest answer is my nom de plum: Paul R Pearson.

My most important answer is summed up in one word: Husband.  Next come Father, Brother, Uncle, Godfather (yes, even Atheists can be Godfathers), Brother-in-law.  Then come Friend and Fellow Activist.  After those, I guess, Acquaintance, Customer, Bystander.

And certainly Atheist.

I was born in a Detroit suburb on a historically tragic and surprisingly auspicious day for my life vision: “Bloody Sunday”; March 7, 1965.  I am, thus, over 50, but must say I feel young at heart.

Currently I am involved in dozens of projects, from working with my wife on a medical recovery to hopefully staying on top of the ever-growing ‘honey-do’ list for our home, to learning for my I.T. certifications, and more.  I’ve built Websites since 2006 currently maintain about 2 dozen. Each year I edit and publish a science fiction/horror fanzine/magazine. I — and we — stay happily busy with cooking, health, relationship, family, loving, growing, learning, flaunting tradition and laughing at authority.  I work for Amazon in Houston, but also do some computer and Website construction and graphics, and edit videos when I can.  I also volunteer Web services to a MI-based environmental and agricultural advocacy organization which was founded in my living room, and a Houston-based state/church separation advocacy group.

The multitude of things I have done in my life could fill a blog.  So let’s touch upon some easy things.

Such as travel.  My wife and I have traveled to several awesome places here in Texas, and to Florida, Nevada (Vegas, Baby!), New York City, Puerto Rico, and even Hawaii.  We moved here to the Petro Metro from Detroit in 2009 and never looked back at that bad attitude train-wreck of a has-been ghost town.

Before meeting my wife I had lived for a while in both Florida (Coral Springs/Ft. Lauderdale) and L.A., yet I moved back to Detroit twice, proving I am twice as stupid as I ever needed to be.  But then again, I did eventually meet the love of my life  .  .  .

To further touch upon the theme of travel, I have been to several places in Ontario, even kinda lived for a time in Windsor, have been to Toronto several times, and Montreal once (“oh, what a night . .”).  My personal journeys have taken me extensively to northern Michigan, all across the lower mitten in fact; Chicago many, many times (let me tell you about the “operation” in the abandoned warehouse one day…); Iowa; Washington, D.C. a few times; New York; Boston; many places in Ohio (I Heart Cedar Point!); Kentucky; Dallas; Atlanta (#2muchcoke) and I have flown in a prop plane illegally inside the Grand Canyon.

Oh, and unfortunately, I’ve also been to Gary, Indiana.  Bleh!

Here’s my company introduction:

Share Your passion: What are your favorite things to do outside of work?


(#1): Be with my wife;(#2): blog; build Websites; create graphics; collect Star Wars and other Sci-Fi memorabilia; collect books; read everything; long philosophical discussions; long historical discussions; writing; swimming; high diving; hiking in extremely hot weather; seeing endless movies; traveling; video editing; listening to music.


This may not be a complete list. Updates certainly to come.

What else do you want to know?

Below are some stupid random things you may or may not give a crap about.

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Jokes I’ve Invented


The bartender was fired.

The bicycle fell asleep

PC vs Mac

Why did the lactating cow cross the road?

Ducks are SO funny

As an Atheist who eats chicken . . .

Your mamma SO ugly . . . .

Her real name was Ahontas

Upon graduating high school, Katy knew she would have a career in the retail industry.

What’s the most un-romantic vegetable?

What is Dracula always doing when he has the flu?

A Man of Letters.

If you’re not a doctor, patience is a virtue.

A Certain Type of Media Production . . .

If you are sensitive or easily offended, do us both a favor and ignore the following joke


What is an abusive misogenist’s favorite type of paper?

Next Joke On It’s Way

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Memes I Created




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Words/Phrases I’ve Invented

As a self-confessed neologist, my success is dependent upon your judgement of these creations.  Agree or disagree, enjoy or not, but please feel free to use or begin a dialogue.





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Cool Things

1.  I am a Texas Certified Assistant Nurse

2.  I am a certificate-bearing Phlebotomist (no licensing in TX, though I haven’t obtained independent Certification)

3.  I am a Class A CDL driver in TX

4.  I was editor and publisher of a sci-fi fanzine through high school and for a few years after, published articles by David Gerrold and Hugh Hefner.  Forry Ackerman wrote a large, specialized article (for an issue which only became published in 2019, see here), and I still have every word and photograph of the article, plus dozens of items of immense value sent to me while Forry and I were friends

5.  I  am an officiant for secular and LGBT weddings

6.  Trained by the Dept of Homeland Security as a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) certified team member

7.  Dr Arthur Frederick Ide called me a “sage, savant and scholar”

8.  I own 3 trilobites

9.  I directed a television show

10.  One of my nicknames was given by Eminem.  Yes, Eminem

11.  I have dyscalculia and an exceedingly rare (though mild) form of synesthesia

12.  I once stood alone in an elevator with George Lucas (he was very nice)


14.  14th?  Shit, I can’t even think of a 13th


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Other Weird Shit

Autographed Books I’ve Collected

Other Autographs Collected

Shaken Hands With . . .

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These Are Just A Few of my Favorite Things . . .

Favorite TV Shows

Favorite Movies

Favorite Books

Organizations I Belong To

Organizations I Support

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Current Projects

ACCOMPLISHED: To produce the final issue of the science fiction fanzine I started (and did almost all of the work for) through high school and for a few years after. The first issue was called ‘Encyclozine’, but for the remaining issues, I changed it to ‘Microzine’.  During the roughly 3 years of my distant friendship with Forry Ackerman, he wrote an article for me, and I never finished that final issue. Now I am working slowly in the background, just a few hours a week, to do all the work to compose — I still don’t know why, except to honor the life and memory of Forry in my own insignificant way — the final issue. Stay tuned.

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Online, interactive .js timeline of some of ancient culture’s most momentous symbolic creations; from cave drawings to early writings. This developed out of a book project on the history of religious ritual.

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An online, interactive Classical Studies course, allowing participants to decide which components/modules to study.  Some users, for instance, may have a basic familiarity with Greek or Latin, and not need these to complete a course.  Others may know the Greek philosophers, or the origins of Republic Rome.  A full course with all modules would be similar to an equivalent 2 year (or Associate) degree, but not as comprehensive as a 4 year degree.

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Future Projects

To create a JavaScript interactive Periodic Table of the Elements which can interactively explain dozens of properties of atoms. Available would be full intuitive explanations to dozens of ignored atomic properties, how atoms interact with other atoms, and how valence determines molecular structures, and cover each element’s isotopes, ionization and tertiary properties. I also see a way of integrating the lanthanides and actinides within the main table, instead of casting (most of) them off like they’re in the doghouse.

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