Trump’s Messaging to American Racists

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  1. Best essay I have read in a long time. Factual. Direct. Lacks any noticeable bias. A stellar piece both of journalism and opinion. It should be required reading–but, fortunately for democracy, “required” is not a word used in democratic circles or thought, but a mantra of dictators like Stalin, Hitler, Trump, etc. Fortunately, you brought your well reasoned thoughts out with clarity to share with those who think for themselves and want a better world rather than the battered world of a Fourth Reich with a more racist, misogynist, homophobic would-be dictator at the helm seeking to create a dynasty of puff children to land-lock us in the gruesome past of the nineteen century.

    While Donald J wants us to stand erect for a martial hymn to the nation, I prefer seeing individual free-thinking individuals who recognize there are major problem today in this land and “take a knee.” There is nothing patriotic in placing a hand over the heart while Dear Leader does not even sign the national anthem when it plays as if he were the king to a non-existent throne that is carried by screaming automatons calling on their imaginary deities for support in their verbal ejaculations that their fuehrer is anointed to speed up a mythological Armageddon to clean the planet as if scripted by Dan Brown as a sequel to his classic tome “Inferno”. Please keep me abreast of more essays like this. It is Pulitzer material.

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