Reply Rules

Since far too much of the world is filled with nasty-ass, ignorant people who cannot make a sentence or structure an argument (or who spam), your post will not be accepted if it does not follow these rules:

—  No spam.

—  I do not mind challenges or disagreements. That is actually what I want. But not adhering to the following is the way for your comment to go into the virtual file 13.

—  Insults might get you nowhere. If you want to insult me, make it at least articulate, then I will consider letting your words through the Filtermeister. Otherwise, present an argument. Make a point. Use evidence.

—  Use evidence. Links at the bottom (only) of your reply are allowable.

—  Check your spelling and grammar. Period.

—  Make sense. If you don’t, then I don’t want it here. Take a few moments, read over my entire post and your entire reply posting before clicking “Post Comment”. I will really appreciate the effort. Promise.

—  Be relevant: Actually read the full post so your argument, agreement, disagreement, or whatever you write is relevant to the post you are responding to.

—  Being over-generic is lame. Posting ““Interesting post! Thanks for writing it” says nothing. I won’t even respond with “Thanks for reading it”.