Ben Carson Examined: A Ludicrous Idea of History with a Smattering of Separationism

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  1. Arthur Ide says:

    Great article, reasoned and well researched. I was especially “humored” by Carson’s reference to “Moses”–who never existed and is a combination of Phoenician and ancient (pre-4500 BCE) lore as being an “historical” person even though there is no reference to the “man” in any Egyptian record nor was their a “Joseph” (Hebrew: יוֹסֵף meaning “Increase”) a sop to those who want an explanation of how the Apiru (ancient Hebrews who were Egyptian mercenaries) had the “means” to settle Canaan. Ancient lore (fiction) has Joseph being loved by Pharaoh who gave him the name “Zaphnath-Paaneah” (Hebrew צָפְנַת פַּעְנֵחַ Ṣāfnaṯ Paʿnēaḫ, LXX Ψονθομφανήχ (p)sontʰ-(ŏm)pʰanêkʰ; Genesis 41:45–but it is not found in any Egyptian record (written around 2400 – 2300 BCE)! and the Hebrew record is dated between the 7th and 5th centuries BCE. None of the “Pyramid Texts” mention Joseph, or grain saved against a looming famine, etc. that Carson illogically claims–but the Carson does not read hieroglyphics in any form (the reproduction of pertinent statements can be found in my book “Moses” cited by Mr. Pearson).

    Carson forgets (or does not know) that most of the myths of Christianity and were incorporated into the Bible came from ancient Egypt. From the “Virgin Birth” ((Hymn to Osiris, Dynasty 18, stela Louvre C 286; from Death and Salvation in Ancient Egypt by Jan Assmann, trans by David Lorton (Cornell University Press, 2001), p. 24-25); the “mother of god” (; the consuming of god(s)’ body and blood (Lichtheim, Miriam (1975). Ancient Egyptian Literature. 1. London, England: University of California Press. Utterances 273 and 274); “Final Days and Last Battle/Armageddon (, etc. leading to Christianity’s outlawing of nudity and depiction on the human form as nude ( giving the chills to Carson. Carson is not only a biblical illiterate but a dangerous to all.

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