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No, Trump supporters, I’m sorry to burst your disinformation bubble, however many of you are still sticking to Trump’s 2 main threads of falsehoods regarding the election and the current Covid-19 pandemic. First, the election.  Where to start? To take just one glaring and anxiety-inducing example: In the middle of last month, Reich-wing blogger Dan Bongino pissed kerosene on the fire of nutjob conspiracy theorists by posting that members of the Democratic Party will attempt a coup on election day in order to instill their chosen nominee in the White House, overriding election results and nullifying the ballots of Republicans.  On...


If Wikipedia Was Honest: Donald J. Trump Edition

note: the following was posted on popdust, and doesn’t even include some of the most horrible things he has said or done, ignores his disgusting comments about his own daughter (even as a baby), his multiple bankruptcies, etc. || for the original article: A profile of America’s greatest conman. By Keith Baldwin Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946)–also known by the aliases John Barron, John Miller, and David Denison—is the former villainous star of reality TV show The Apprentice and current villainous star of actual reality. Elected to the presidency of the United States—against the popular will...


Diary Entry, 2009.26

Sima & MJ  ||  Cartoons  ||  ‘Microzine’ Sima Ladjevardian and MJ Hager Yesterday my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Sima Ladjevardian.  Don’t ask me to pronounce the name, but she is certainly getting our vote in this election.  Running against Dan Crenshaw (R), we hope to have a representative in Congress to replace Trump’s local bagboy. Now don’t get me (too) wrong: there’s a lot I like about Crenshaw.  He was, for instance, in the military, served overseas, and was wounded in combat, losing his right eye.  When I sent a beloved relative a pic of Sima, she...

Trump Goes to Town Hall 0

Trump Goes to Town Hall

The Town Hall hosted by George Stephanopoulos (I always have to copy and paste that name) on Tuesday night will hopefully open eyes for many “undecided” and even Republican voters.  It was both hilarious and terrifying that a sizable percentage of the American public still support someone so obviously ill-equipped, so thin-skinned, so wallowing in self-pity, craving of adulation, and even (as many in the mental health profession have stated) a “clear and present danger” 1 to democracy and this nation. And the Town Hall hopefully illustrated that better, straight from Trump’s own mouth, than we could have otherwise have hoped. ...


2 New Memes

Feel free to share.  Teflon Don-based, of course, because, well, just because . . .   and wishful thinking   #FuckTrump #DumpTrump #Trump4Prison2020   header image Ⓒ 2020 Before posting comments, see our Posting Rules. Basically, don’t be a fucking asshole, asshole.


Trump’s Fatal Failure?

Where Stoppeth the Buck?  ||  Instead of Dealing With It . . . || Timeline of the Coronavirus Pandemic || Response & Previous Knowledge || Last Words: Covid and Vietnam While Coronavirus bodies are piling up, what has been the continued response from the top, and what could have been? Where Stoppeth the Buck ? During the Truman administration, a small wooden sign was placed on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office  reading “The Buck Stops Here”.1 What does that mean? The Wikipedia page has a precise sentence for it: “The phrase refers to the notion that the President has to...


Just HOW Fucking Stupid IS DJ Trump?

Why I Don’t Support Removal Politics || History ||  Science ||  Spelling Geography || Bad Boss || The Fourth Estate || Making Shit Up [n.b.: this post will be modified over time || please check back soon for updates] The full title of this post should include “and incompetent”.  But for time.  And space.  And what sanity remains. Unlike most of my posts, I have not included item-by-item references, and instead give references to quotes and little else. Anything here is information readily available with a Google search. Hell, even Bing can verify anything I say here. Feel free, after reading this...

Skywalker When? 0

Skywalker When?

Life at Amazon has been — hopefully understandably — crazy.  Check back after whenever for my review of The Rise of Skywalker. I’ve seen it twice so far, and might have something to say about it.  [ feigning Shock and awe ] 2001.14: Since I never did a review of The Last Jedi, my review of Rise will include a review of Last.  That is the only way, I figure, to explain why I am such a defender of Last, especially as compared to Rise.  Should be finished before May 1st.


Loving LOVE

Recently I had the immense pleasure to attend a performance of the Cirque du Soleil show at The Mirage in Las Vegas called LOVE. It is a brilliant and bizarre 90 minute spectacle dedicated to the music and legacy of The Beatles. I am not a big fan of the circus. I’ve been to circuses, including one called something like the Royal Russian Circus maybe 25 years ago; with dancing bears, elephants walking trunk to tail, clowns so hideous they would make Pennywise shiver from their creepiness, and trapeze artists flying with the greatest of ease over outstretched nets. That is...