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  1. Ken says:

    Incredible growth in the Houston area no doubt.

  2. Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide says:

    Interesting…but the problem in the Americas is with men who feel their masculinity (and sexual orientation) is threatened if they do not impregnate a woman–and worse for mentally unstable men: that the woman seeks and obtains an abortion. When I lived in Lima, Peru, it was not unusual to see pre-teen and teenage girls carrying a baby and soliciting help with feeding her and the infant; when I offered the female(s) so encumbered a condom they threw it away. There is nothing special about ova and sperm and most die before the zygote can divide. Abortions should be free and easily accessible to all females regardless of age or circumstance and no male of any age has the right to limit or deny an abortion (nor does any woman who is not pregnant) as is the case with such medieval mentalities in Alabama, Mississippi, Iowa, etc where women are subject to the most hateful rhetoric of such Neanderthals as Gov. Kim Reynolds of Iowa, and Republican controlled legislators in the South from Texas to Georgia.

    I remember Ann Richards (governor of Texas when I lived there for 30 years) saying “if men could become pregnant then abortion would be a sacrament”. History shows that where male-dominated religions (all the Abrahamic faiths from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) maintain their stranglehold over the masses by using male dominance over females and small children, leading all religions to ignore pedophilia and child rape: now nearly sacraments in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ with child marriages (legal in all 50 states).

    White Evangelical Christians (the backbone of both the NAZI movement in the Third Reich and the Trump movement in his Divided States of AmeriKKKa) make up most of the hate groups that target Planned Parenthood and other groups who support the rights of all females to determine the destiny of her own body and its reproductive rights. The choice to continue this or return to sanity is in the hands of voters in 2020.

  1. 2010.25

    […] am perpetually interested in the subject of population dynamics and statistics.  See my previous blog post regarding this.  So the question I want to examine here is: “How bad is the situation right […]

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