– Movie Review: This Darkness; The Immortal Struggle (2003)

This Darkness: the Immortal Struggle

– –

(That’s right, zero, zip, zilch. In fact I give this -infinity)


D: Dylan O’Leary / DP: John McLeod

Dylan O’Leary, David Everritt, Jenevieve Frank, Amanda Cook

The safest $100 in existence is the cash I have for anyone who can show me a more horrible waste of my time. Easily worse than Ed Wood’s notoriously bad PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE.

Investors and university Deans want to know how scientist O’Leary is spending research money. He’s secretly developing a vampire antivirus. The FBI gets involved (only 1 agent – highly unlikely) and they hash [what the filmmakers must have been smoking] out a plot to kill the Master of Darkness, the most powerful vampire ever – who just happens to be living alone in a Civil War fort in Pensacola, FL. There is absolutely nothing about this pile of shit any self-respecting fly would land on.

Amanda Cook (as Dr. Mary Kmae) is easily one of the most lovely, luscious and sexy women to ever step in front of a camera, but she couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper bag (or is it just bad direction, material…etc?).

Subtitled “The Vampire Virus”. Where’s the Lysol?