– Movie Review: Razor Blade Smile (1998)

Razor Blade Smile

– *** –


D: Jake West / DP: James Solan

Eileen Daly, Christopher Adamson, Jonathan Coote, Kevin Howarth, David Warbeck


Ultra-sultry Eileen Daly shines like moon-lit blood in this fantastic, smart romp through vampiric fantasy. Daly plays Lilith Silver, accidentally shot during a duel 150 years ago, rescued from the edge of death by the man whose bodyguard shot her. Inventive uses of black & white and color during these early transitory scenes are but a prelude to the use of colors, time-lapse and motion control throughout the film.

What would a vamp in the modern age be? They would have to have a legitimate home, income, etc., so Lilith is a hired assassin, with scenes combining ass-kicking action, humor and social commentary. Our hero is a believable vamp, able to tolerate sunlight behind sunglasses shielding sensitive eyes, and in need of blood when injured. She grades the taste of her victims’ blood (“D- druggie”, “B+”, etc.) and shoots them where her fangs have punctured their neck to cover her trail. Too darned cool for words.

Daly’s hourglass body and spectacular breasts are freely seen in hot sexual scenes (including lesbo action). This alone makes it a necessary addition to any collection. Ends up, however, being a shaggy-dog tail, sending us home with sour puckers.