– Movie Review: Moon Child (2003)

Moon Child

– *** –


D: Takahisa Zeze

Hyde, Gackt, Wang Leehom, Zeny Kwok, Taro Yamamoto, Susumu Terajima, Anne Suzuki, Ryd Ishigashi, Etsushi Toyokawa

Strange, atmospheric and moody, this bizarre oddity mixes a cool ultra-violent Taiwanese gangster epic with a marginal vampiric thread. Hyde and Gackt are two superstars (of rock ‘n’ roll and acting) in their native land, and here their characters are quirky and smart, though for gun-toting gangsters they shoot like drunk Stormtroopers from STAR WARS.

This beauty is easily one of the dreamiest, most atmospheric and surreal movies in existence. Lucky for us, it is about vampires.

Think of Quentin Tarantino doing a Taiwanese gangster/vampire opus, and you have this gem.