– Movie Review: Blood (2000)


– *** –


D: Charly Cantor / DP: Katie Swain

Adrian Rawlins, Lee Blakemore, Paul Herzberg


Not exactly your garden-variety vampire film, which is its best aspect. Two scientists (Rawlins, Herzberg) helped create a laboratory person whose blood would be medicine. Instead, her (Lix, played believably by Blakemore) blood is a drug with enough value to bring large amounts of money. Her blood is drained often for money to support the scumbuckets holding her. 20 years later, the scientists find out where she has been held and release her, commando-style, introducing her into normal society.

This is more about the relationships destroyed by Lix’s presence than the blood-sharing aspect, but the blood-sharing isn’t given short shrift. Since she is housed in the ****Several inventive uses of the camera and story technique make getting through the heavy English accents worthwhile.

Lix must consume 9 times the blood she looses, leading to some wonderfully gruesome and even very erotic blood-sharing scenes (how she received the blood before her release is never explained — and prevents this from being top-notch).

The view of Blakemore’s lovely, round ass alone is worth the price of rental.


“‘Revel in the Psychological Terror!'”

“‘If you have an affinity for vampires, this flick will suavely

quench your thirst for blood.'”