– Movie Review: Angel of the Night (1998)

Angel of the Night

A.K.A. Nattens Engel

– **** –


D: Shaky González

Maria Karlsen, Tomas Villum Jensen, Mette Louise Holland, Svend Johansen, Claus Flygare, Hans Henrik Voetmann, Ole Hvidman, Karin R?rbeck


Large, sumptuous and very twisted take on vampires and their lore. The beautiful Rebecca (Karlsen) visits a castle with her boyfriend and another woman. Rebecca has inherited the castle, and our story unfolds through flashbacks tied to the reading of a family almanac. We begin with a grisly 1850-set story. Here the vampire is a large, almost comical 5-meter version of the voodoo doll that haunted Karen Black in Trilogy of Terror. This Mid-19th Century re-creation sequence is lavish and delicately detailed in costuming and set usage. The alley confrontation is claustrophobic and very effective.

Several great vampire sequences through the generations are given. The late 1970s flashback is both truly funny and particularly action-packed. Here, the surprising finger-munching scene is a standout.

We also visit remarkably luscious Marie (sexy R?rbeck), pregnant from a mostly-forgotten encounter with a vampire seducer. She drinks holy water to kill the spawn, spitting some on the vamp to delay his powers. Some cool-ass shit.

Filled with crisp humor, gratuitous action/violence and fine music, the seemingly loose-ended plots tie together neatly. Every cliché is used, but each fit hand-in-glove.

Filmed in Northern Europe (I believe Denmark).

A gruesome and fantastically fun winner.