Yes, as of today, 1704.29, Donald J. Trump has been the selected by unpopular vote to be the Resident of the U.S.


As of today, I am doing random thoughts on this page.  The latest will be at the top, the earliest at the bottom.


[Update.  There is so much confusion, delusion, distraction, and downright misery wrought by the Drumpf administration on the America we deserve, I have only been able to do occasional updates]


October 2, 2018

The Scumbag We All Knew He Was

On the campaign trail, Trumpet claimed he got a “small loan” from his dad to start his businesses.  This, we are then led to believe, through his business brilliance, was rolled — due to Trumpian brilliance — into a $ 9 billion multi-Continental empire.

Yeah, right.